RAMOS HH1064 - Handheld Raman Analyzer

The only high-end level handheld instrument on the market combining portability and superior quality of measurements


Enjoy the simplicity of RAMOS HH1064 analyses with your tablet or smartphone using RAMOS Android/Windows software!

Features & Benefits

  • Identification of substance at the concentration as low as 1%
  • Real-time in-situ identification
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Android/Windows software
  • Independent power supply and line supply
  • Large database can be complemented by user
  • Simplicity and usability


  • Laser 1064 nm
  • Resolution from 10 cm-1
  • Weight 2 kg without laptop/touchpad/computer
  • Up to 6 hours of off-line operation
  • Operating mode start - 2 min

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