RAMOS RA1064 Express IR Raman Analyzer

RAMOS RA1064 is a unique instrument that enables to obtain Raman spectra in those applications where the Raman scattering signal is largely exceeded by fluorescence. With RAMOS RA1064 you can easily analyze gas, oils, dyes, paints, organic substances, etc.




  • Special TE cooling system ensures acquisition of low noise spectra  
  • Non-contact real-time identification


  • Precisely tailored to customer’s requirements  
  • Fast and trustworthy results  
  • Easy to use


  • Oil industry
  • Food & Agriculture Industry
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Environmental Science
  • Chemical Processes
  • Polymers
  • Paints and dyes analysis

Raman shift (cm-1)

RAMOS RA1064 is now the only portable device on the market which can see the water Raman line using a 1064 nm laser owing to its record wide spectral range. This makes it a comprehensive tool for analysis of liquids through transparent and semitransparent packaging. Due to its unique characteristics, RAMOS RA1064 is an irreplaceable assistant in transport security and many other fields.


RAMOS RA1064 combines the advantage of a portable probe system with the performance of a highly specialized laboratory instrument. Real-time and accurate identification of an unknown substance is achieved by comparing its unique Raman spectrum of molecular vibration (molecular “fingerprint”) to Raman spectra of reference substances stored in the spectral database.

RAMOS RA1064 performs identification through sealed bags, transparent bottles, vials, and ampoules. The ease of use, single-hand operation, small size and weight of RAMOS RA1064 enables an analysis of chemical substances at the point of receipt, use or delivery. Results are displayed within a dozen seconds and can be accessed via the intuitive user interface. The data are retrieved remotely via the USB port.


Raman shift (cm-1)


Raman shift (cm-1)

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