IROS P11 FT NIR Spectrometer

The IR Fourier spectrometer IROS P11 is designed for quantitative and qualitative spectral NIR analysis.

Main advantages:

  • high data informative value;
  • high measuring speed and accuracy;
  • sample preliminary preparation is not required;
  • special personnel training is not required.

IR absorption spectrum bands location and bands intensity give sample qualitative and quantitative (i.e. concentration and other properties) composition information respectively.
The calibration model of relationship between absorption (transmission) index and component concentration (sample property) is preliminary calculated using calibration tests for samples with well-known spectra, component concentrations and other properties.

The main part of the IROS P11 spectrometer is Michelson-type interferometer with self-compensation and without the need for dynamic alignment.

The IR Fourier spectrometer IROS P11 uses NIR spectroscopy and chemometric system of results processing combination. This method is much-needed for such fields of industry as food production, drug manufacturing, perfumes and cosmetics production. Easy to use and high speed analysis and results objectivity make this mode essential for raw materials input quality control, manufacturing process critical points control and end products properties control. The method is recommended, in particular, for the counterfeit drugs detection.
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