Spectral System: FTIR Spectrometer IROS 01 and IR Microscope IROS M2

Combination of wide-range IR microscope IROS М2 and FTIR spectrometer IROS 01 provides samples up to 10 μm examination

The automated system allows carrying out high-accuracy spectral measurements of polymer particles and inhomogeneous structure fibers, fragments of multilayer paint coatings, powdered mixtures, fragments of inscriptions on paper and other microscale objects with complex composition.

One of the key advantages of IR microspectroscopy is spectra detection of most samples without preliminary sample preparation. The sample maintains its original physical and chemical properties and can be inspected by other methods later.

Main features:

  • Up to 10 μm particles spectra registration in transmission mode, mirror reflection mode (including the double-pass mode for a sample located on a polished steel substrate), attenuation total reflection mode
  • High sensitive MCT detector with liquid nitrogen cooling
  • Additional air-cooled detector (for using without liquid nitrogen)
  • No additional settings and switching are required to work in selected mode. Switching from visual mode to IR spectra registration mode not required
  • Built-in monitoring and control panel
  • Simultaneous sample observation by binocular and digital video camera with images saving to data files
  • “Tracking the current spectrum” function helps to find the most informative sample parts and parts with local impurities by surface visual control during holder movement
  • Easy spectra registration using two types of adjustable apertures: round iris and rectangular blades for various sample areas sizes and geometry.

  • Built-in 3.5" TFT-LCD monitor (optional)
  • Typical sample (thin sample layer), natural colour rendering improves photometric accuracy
  • Built-in control panel

Pharmaceutical compound (with a glass slit diaphragm and a manual sample stage) video image obtained by IROS М3 microscope with automated sample stage and spectral databases search results

 To find areas with different chemical composition operator moves the sample stage and registers current spectra in real time. Software provides on-line comparing of detected components spectra with standard spectra databases and multicompound materials spectra databases.

Maximum detalization of extended inhomogeneous samples photometry can be reached by using high sensitive MCT detector and reducing aperture size up to several dozens of microns.

Mapping represents detected components distribution over the sample. Current component maximum concentration areas are marked in red. Mapping settings for this measurement: resolution – 8 cm, stage step – 5 μm, specified registration array – 4900 points.

Multi-purpose ATR/SDR (attenuated
total reflection/specular diffuse reflection)
 with a diamond component and integrated 
visualization system

 Liquid cell with an adjustable 
liquid layer thickness

Diamond ATR thermo cell


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