IROS P Series - FTIR spectrometers based on Michelson interferometer

 Screenshot_54.png Michelson interferometer with self-compensation, no dynamic adjustment needed.

Radiation source – nichrome-ceramics / halogen lamp.

Beamsplitter – KBr/Ge / CaF2/Ge, optical windows and beamsplitter moisture-proof coating.

Detector – pyroelectric DLaTGS detector / InGaAs or Si photodiodes.

Internal calibration – He-Ne laser.

Purge system – CDA or nitrogen for CO2 and H2O vapour noise minimization.

Recording system – 24-bit A/D converter with amplifiers and antinoise filters.  

Main characteristics:

  • Spectrometers product range with resolution up to 0,1 cm-1
  • High sensitivity, rapid response
  • Automated measurements, easy to use
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Application software for common tasks  

IROS P01 and P02

 Screenshot_55.png Multi-purpose lab IROS P01 and IROS P02 FTIR spectrometers are designed for routine measurements and scientific research in the mid-IR spectrum.

IROS P01 and IROS P02 are basic models for scientific, testing and analytical laboratories. These spectrometers have high signal-to-noise ratio, spectral resolution 1.0/0.5 cm-1, large cell compartment.



IROS P03 is a research spectrometer for mid-IR spectrum analysis with spectral resolution of 0.12 cm-1. Its operating spectral range can be spread. Maximum sensitivity is reached using changeable detectors and IR radiation sources for operating spectral ranges.
There are 2 optical ports: input for radiation injection from external source, output while working with special equipment and detectors.  


Radiometric unit is mounted at the input optical port and is used for external radiation source spectrum registration:
  • Air pollution track monitoring method, remote sensing (passive/active mode)
  • Toxic gases and vapours detection and identification
  • Research
  • Technology process parameters and product quality control in photonics, optics, light engineering
  • Special-purpose machinery products design and test  


Micro-objective is designed for FTIR spectrometer spectral range spread and sensitivity improvement using external detectors (Si bolometer with liquid nitrogen cooling).  

Automated measurements: autosampler unit

 Screenshot_64.png Autosampler unit has a flow-liquid cell and a cell with comparison sample. Probe injection, cell solvent rinse.

Automatically performed probe and reference sample registration using internal peristaltic pump and stepper motor (cell movement).

Probe volume < 10 ml. Analysis time < 2 min.

Specular reflection attached modules: 10, 30, 45, 80

 Screenshot_65.png Non-destructive testing of solid homogeneous samples with reflective surfaces and surface coatings. Specular reflection attached modules with the fixed angle of beam incidence: 10°, 30°, 45° or 80°. 



IROS P11 FTIR spectrometer is perfect for near-IR spectrum analysis

The IR Fourier spectrometer IROS P11 is designed for quantitative and qualitative spectral NIR analysis

Main advantages:

  • high data informative value
  • high measuring speed and accuracy
  • sample preliminary preparation is not required
  • special personnel training is not required

IR absorption spectrum bands location and bands intensity give sample qualitative and quantitative (i.e. concentration and other properties) composition information respectively.
The calibration model of the relationship between absorption (transmission) index and component concentration (sample property) is preliminarily calculated using calibration tests for samples with well-known spectra, component concentrations, and other properties.

The main part of the IROS P11 spectrometer is the Michelson-type interferometer with self-compensation and without the need for dynamic alignment.

The IR Fourier spectrometer IROS P11 uses NIR spectroscopy and chemometric system of results processing combination. This method is much-needed for such fields of the industry as food production, drug manufacturing, perfumes, and cosmetics production. Easy to use and high-speed analysis and results objectivity make this mode essential for raw materials input quality control, manufacturing process critical points control and end-product properties control. The method is recommended, in particular, for counterfeit drug detection.

Changeable detectors are used: InGaAs for a spectral range of 4 000 - 9 000 cm-1 and Si for a spectral range of 8 500 - 12 500 cm-1.

IROS P11 is used for pharmaceutical, chemical, polymer, textile, food, and compound animal feed industries product identification and quantity analysis.

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