Entrance or exit slit of 
 spectral instruments
 For order sorting filters   Fiber optics bundles for 
 spectroscopy applications 
 Universal fiber optics light 
 delivery adapter for spectral 
 device entrance slit 
 Control  auto / 
 Control  auto / 
 Spectral range    Mounting diameter     6 or
10 mm
 Width  0 - 2 mm  Number of
 6 or 8   - UV-VIS  190-
 1200 nm
 Adjustment range     
 Height  10 mm  Filter thickness  up to 3 mm    - VIS-NIR  360-
 2500 nm 
 - X  ± 2 mm 
 Parallelism  ± 1 μm  Filter diameter  25 mm /
 25.4 mm 
 Fiber diameters   200 μm; 
 400 μm 
 - Y     ± 2 mm 
 Repeatability  1.5 μm / 
 2 μm 
   NA  0.12; 

Spectral slits

Filter wheels

Fiber optics 

Fiber optics adapter

 Diaphragm for smooth slit 
 height adjustment
 ADC electronic board for 
 output signal 
 Opto-mechanical unit for 
 coupling monochromator 
 with a single channel 
 detectors with small active 
 Toroidal mirror allows to 
 collect light from the whole 
 height of the spectral slit         
 Designed to match apertures 
 of an optical fiber and a 
 spectral instrument in order to 
 reduce stray light and optimize 
 light throughput.      
 0 - 10 mm  Digit capacity  16 bit, 
     Input voltage     0 - 2 V 
     ADC rate     100 kHz 

Slit height



ADC board

Adapter for detector



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