September 26, 2019

11th International Conference on Instrumental Methods of Analysis

11th International Conference on Instrumental Methods of Analysis.jpg

11th International Conference on Instrumental Methods of Analysis is a biannual series of conferences that started in 1999 and covers all areas of Chemical Analysis, including the development of new techniques, modern trends and applications in a wide range of scientific disciplines. To date many leading analytical chemists have presented their research at IMA meetings. 
This year IMA took place at Ioannina, Greece on September 22-25 where hundreds of scientists from all over the world gathered to present their researches.

General themes that were covered at IMA-2019 included current trends, developments and applications in: 

- Spectrochemical, Electrochemical, Chromatographic, Mass Spectrometric, Microscopic, Imaging and Thermal analysis methods,

- Proteomics, Metabolomics, Metallomics and Elemental Speciation Analysis,

- Chemical- and bio- sensors,

- Field analysis - Mobile analytical instruments,

- Miniaturized analytical systems (Lab-on-a-Chip), micro- and nano- fluidics,

- Immunoassays, Electrophoretic separation techniques,

- Robotics and Automation, Quality control-quality assurance in analysis, Metrology

- Data processing and Chemometrics

- Aerosol Metrology, Environmental, Biomedical (Eco-toxicological, Clinical), Pharmaceutical, Food, and Materials Analysis (Nanomaterials, Smart/ Advanced Materials, Surface Analysis), as well as Archaeometry,

- Analytical chemistry markets and possibilities for commercialisation. 

Ostec was proud and appreciated to be invited to this event for participating together with his Greece partner TARGET ANALYSIS S.A. ( ) who presents Ostec's analytical solutions in Greece region. 

We used this event to demonstrate and introduce our modern IROS 05 FTIR system. Attendees of the conference enjoyed the opportunity to measure their samples and obtain quick report right in the conference environment. The reliable measurements granted by patanted CAT EYE interferometer technology and fast measurements access buttons located right on the device cover met great customer appreciation.


IROS 05 FTIR spectrometer is designed to provide the wide range of sample measurement techniques in the most challenging environments from the laboratory to the pilot plant. Compact size, reasonable price for unique set of accessories and high performance – these advantages of IROS 05  allow it to fit to most of research and field tasks as a mid-level spectrometer for academic and industrial applications