October 30, 2018

SciX 2018, October 21-26, Atlanta, Georgia


SciX 2018 is the annual meeting of FACSS (Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies). The conference represents the future of international scientific exchange in the field of analytical chemistry and applied sciences – comprehensive, intimate, all-inclusive.

Ostec and Barnett Corp. (our distributor and just a wonderful partner) booth with LIOS 500, Ramos M350 present at the event was a success. Visitors didn’t expect to see the company with such a large product line at all and were extremely interested in FTIR and AVOS systems, TERS probes, etc.

SciX 2018 gave a great chance to communicate with old users of Ostec products, all of whom were happy with their purchases, meet new clients, open to Ostec ideas and solutions, and find exciting marketing fields at the same time.

Taking into consideration incredible importance of the event for any company working in the field of analytical equipment and all the derived benefits of the conference Ostec will most definitely become a regular participant of the future SciX events.


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