• Basic Oxygen Steel process (converter);
  • Blast Furnace Optimization;

  • Steel Vacuum Processing (VOD, RH);

  • Air separation (analysis of blowing oxygen purity);

  • Emissions Monitoring and Pilot Plant Gas Analysis for non- ferrous metallurgy.

  • Mud Gas Logging;
  • Isotope Analysis;

  • Gas Measuring;

  • Fluid Inclusions Gas Analysis (geochemistry investigations).

Oil and gas industry:

Alternative energy: 

  • LNG production;
  • Natural gas processing;

  • Hydro-cracking process;

  • High-temperature cracking furnace optimization;

  • Process of the catalyst regeneration;

  • The chemical analysis of technological gases: recycle hydrogen, fuel, inert.

  • Plasma gasification of the solid waste with reception of synthesis-gas for power and chemical industry;
  • Optimize of hydrogen reformer and catalyst efficiency for fuel cells development and testing.


High-purity gas production: 

  • Monitoring of the gas phase for thermal, termogravimetric analysis;
  • The elemental analysis (C, N, O), quantity determination of the dissolved gases in metals;

  • Pilot plant gas analysis of the metallurgical processes.

 He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe, H2, N2, O2

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