Mobility resolving power
70 – 120 (measured as td/dt1/2)
Drift tube temperature
20 – 250°C
Axial TOF mass analyzer

with sector field can allow better sampling efficiency comparing other energy focusing orthogonal acceleration TOF analyzers

Mass range

20 – 1000 Da (higher mass ranges can be measured if the difference between times-of-flight for lowest and highest masses does not exceed 48 µsec)

Mass resolving power
2000 (FWHM)
Detection limits
relative 4*10-9 M, absolute 7*10-15 Mol (for 2,6-DtBP during 100 sec)
Mass accuracy
5 ppm
Data collection
real-time integrating transient recorder based on 655 MHz 8 bit analog-to-digital converter
100 kg
60 cm (wide) x 80 cm (deep) x 130 cm (tall)
Software control of instrumental parameters, data collection and processing

[A.A. Sysoev, D.M. Chernyshev, S.S. Poteshin, A.V. Karpov, O.I. Fomin, A.A. Sysoev, Development of an atmospheric pressure ion mobility spectrometer - mass spectrometer with an orthogonal acceleration electrostatic sector TOF mass analyzer, Analytical Chemistry, 2013, 85 (19), 9003–9012]

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