Cell with temperature controller

The system of heating samples is designed to expand the capabilities of standard ATR/SDR module. It consists of a heated replaceable mount with ATR diamond prism and temperature controller unit.

For most solid samples in the heated state, you can get a much more defined ATR spectrum than in the cold. This allows to increase the sensitivity of the method several times.

Properties of some materials and compounds change significantly with temperature increase, processes of chemical interaction between components, their decomposition, oxidation in the air environment, etc. may occur. If in the process of heating there are changes in the chemical composition of the substance, with the help of an ATR module with a diamond heat cell and a temperature controller, it is possible to obtain a set of spectra corresponding to the kinetics of the process, which significantly expands the possibilities of the method in research.

Sample heating system with ATR attached module. Diamond crystal allows to register IR spectra of chemically aggressive compounds, acids, alkalis and hard, abrasive materials.

Spectra of polymer at room temperature (red) and at 140 °C (black)
Heated solid samples spectra are defined more accurately than the cold ones. Solid sample heating helps to increase method sensitivity.


Main characteristics

  • Max. controlled sample temperature: 220°C

  • Temperature adjustment accuracy: 1°C

  • Time to peak temperature: ≤15 min (usually 10 min)


  • Polymer compounds thermal stability study

  • Polymers curing kinetics investigation

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