Focusing module with liquid cell

Liquid cell with adjustable thickness of the investigated liquid layer is made in the form of optical-mechanical attachment mounted in the cell compartment of the IROS 03 spectrometer. It contains focusing optics, removable holders for two 10 mm diameter window-substrates and two adjusting screws, placed on the top panel of the module body and intended for setting the required window gap.

Liquid of any viscosity is preliminarily applied as a small drop to the lower window and then, in the process of smooth convergence of windows uniformly fills the gap between them. Rotating the adjusting screws and watching online for the transmission spectrum, the user has the ability to set the desired thickness of the liquid layer, focusing on the overall intensity of the spectrum or the intensity of specific absorption bands. If there is a calibration (that is easy to create with the ZaIR 3.5 software on several samples with well-known concentrations), a cell allows quantitative measurements to be performed.

The cell is useful for the analysis of mixtures containing impurities in small proportions.


Main advantages

  • Liquids of any viscosity grade analysis

  • Line not require long sample preparation
  • On-Line layer thickness control

Substrates with ZnSe windows allow registering spectra of samples with water content.

On-line sample layer thickness control allows to choose optimal layer thickness to increase IR spectra signal.

Several spectra of Buxol viscous grease to illustrate the process of selecting the thickness of the sample layer between the windows

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