Focusing module with adjustable stage

The module allows registering transmission spectra of objects with dimensions from 500 µm (gems, optical parts, semiconductor materials).

The module is also used for the investigation of samples compressed into small diameter tablets with KBr. This method is convenient for the spectral analysis of powders - the attached module allows you to work with small amounts of the sample, using a manual press for the tablet manufacture.

  • Focus spot diameter - less than 3 mm

  • Parabolic mirror optics

  • Set of replaceable diaphragm holders for samples of different sizes

  • Window substrates made of IR-transparent materials can be placed in the holder after application of paste-like, liquid substances or extracts and layers drying

  • The sample stage has the ability to move smoothly in the vertical and horizontal directions to achieve maximum signal level

Main advantages

  • Horizontal sample installation 

  • Simple sample preparation

  • Arbitrary form of samples

  • Condenser optics

  • Min. sample diameter: 1 mm

  • Liquid samples


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