About us

About Ostec Corporate Group

Ostec Corporate Group produces and offers hi-tech innovative scientific and analytical equipment

Ostec Corporate group is an engineering company that provides complex engineering and consulting services in the field of electronics to improve the efficiency of enterprises and the competitiveness of their products.

Experience since 1991 and implementation of a large number of projects allow Ostec to offer its customers optimal solutions to problems regardless of the stage of development of their productions.

Facilitation of enterprise development includes:

  • analysis of market and technology development;
  • help in improving the design of the product;
  • design of production;
  • a full range of works on equipment and services;
  • support in view of market development and technology.

Ostec Corporate group today is:

  • 500 highly qualified specialists;
  • 10 categories of decisions on types of productions and processes;
  • 200 partners - world's technological leaders;
  • 2,500 completed modernization projects.