IROS P Series Industrial FTIR Spectrometers

IROS P series. Turn-key solutions for dedicated technological issues

IROS P01/P02/P03/P11

IROS P01/P02/P03/P11





Main control software

Main control software

Additional software modules

Additional software modules

Extension modules

Extension modules

Industry application fields

  • Chemistry

  • Polymer chemistry

  • Petrochemistry

  • Petroleum and gas production

  • Coal industry

  • Environmental Control

  • Food and perfume industry

  • Compound feed industry

  • Medicine

  • Emergency control

  • Forensics

  • Electronics industry

  • Optical manufacturing

  • Electric Power

  • Gas analysis

  • Textile industry

  • Diamonds

FTIR spectrometers based on Michelson interferometer


Michelson interferometer with self-compensation, no dynamic adjustment needed

Radiation source – nichrome-ceramics / halogen lamp

KBr/Ge/CaF2/Ge, optical windows and beamsplitter with moisture-proof coating

Pyroelectric DLaTGS detector / InGaAs or Si photodiodes

Internal calibration – He-Ne laser

Purge system – CDA or nitrogen for CO2 and H2O vapour noise minimization

Recording system – 24-bit A/D converter with amplifiers and anti-noise filters

Main characteristics

  • Spectrometers product range with resolution up to 0.12 cm-1

  • High sensitivity, rapid response

  • Automated measurements, easy to use

  • Wide range of accessories

  • Application software for dedicated tasks

IROS P with modules

Multipurpose industrial IR Fourier spectrometers IROS P series are designed for routine analytical measurements in the mid-IR and near-IR region of the spectrum, in particular, qualitative and quantitative analysis of samples of organic and inorganic substances in gaseous, liquid and solid state, including films and powders.

IROS P series FTIR spectrometers are based on the Michelson self-compensating interferometer which does not require dynamic adjustment and has the ability to install in the cell compartment a variety of gas and liquid cells, optical attached modules and accessories for liquid, solid and gaseous samples.



Multi-purpose IROS P01/02 lab FTIR spectrometers are designed for routine measurements and scientific research in the mid-IR spectrum.

IROS P01/02 are basic models for scientific, testing and analytical laboratories. These spectrometers have high signal-to-noise ratio, spectral resolution 1.0/0.5 cm-1, large cell compartment.

These spectrometers are equipped with a dry air or nitrogen blowing system to minimize spectral interference from water vapor and carbon dioxide and have a waterproof coating of optical windows and beamsplitter.


IR Fourier Spectrometer IROS P03 is a laboratory tool for studies requiring increased spectral resolution, including for qualitative and quantitative analysis of gases.

The device operates in the middle IR spectral area, has an optical port for inputting radiation from an external source, is equipped with an inert gas blowing system.

IROS P01/P02/P03/P11

IROS P03 FTIR spectrometer can be successfully used as a tool for measuring the fine structure of oscillatory and rotational spectra of molecules of atmospheric and polluting gases.

It has two registration channels, one of which provides operation from its own radiation source, and the other allows to measure the radiation, which is entered through an optical port from an external source.

Various detectors can be used to record spectra, including Si bolometer with liquid nitrogen cooling, which is switched automatically. With the help of this spectrometer, it is possible to perform an analysis of atmospheric contaminants both by sampling in a gas duct and remotely using the trace method of detection.


IROS P11 is a laboratory Fourier spectrometer designed for quantitative and qualitative studies in the near-IR range and has the next advantages: high informativity of the obtained data, speed and accuracy of measurements, does not require preliminary preparation of samples and special training of personnel.

IROS P11 uses changeable detectors: InGaAs for spectral range of 9 000 – 4 000 cm-1 and Si for spectral range of 12 500 – 8 500 cm-1.

Main application fields for IROS P11 are: chemical, polymer, textile, food and compound feed industries products, identification and quantity analysis.

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