NIOS Micro Vickers micro-hardness tester

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NIOS Micro is a new device in the NIOS product line that is designed to perform Vickers micro-indentation in the scale range from HV 0.01 to HV 50. It is certified as a measuring instrument and can be used in scientific and industrial laboratories.

The device implements algorithms for automatic application of indent arrays and measurement of indent boundaries, which allow performing various measurements depending on the tasks set, as well as determining the depths of surface hardening (SHD, Surface Hardering Depth), carburizing (CHD, Case Hardering Depth) and other characteristics.

The design of NIOS Micro is built on the same modular principle as other NIOS hardness testers. If required, NIOS Micro can also be equipped with a nano-indentation module, maximizing the range of forces measured and applicable methods.


  • Load range from 10 g to 50 kg
  • Automatic detection of print boundaries on various surfaces using machine vision algorithms
  • Measurement of Vickers hardness in accordance with ISO standards
  • Measurement of crack length to determine K1C
  • Automated application of arrays of prints
  • Optical zoom up to 2000x

  • Construction of maps and profiles of sample hardness distribution
  • Measurement of hardening layers and coatings, heterogeneous materials
  • Possibility of integration with NIOS series nano-hardness testers for conducting local measurements of hardness and elastic modulus in the range of 10 mg (100 μN)

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