LIOS OnLine Industrial Online LIBS Analyzers

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Ostec offers the industrial chemistry analyzer LIOS OnLine intended for quick and safe check of processes by means of continuous on-stream analysis of product’s chemical composition directly on conveyor belts or in pipelines for suspensions/liquids if such analyses are made on a real-time basis exclusive of sampling, delay in laboratory analysis and any types of hazardous radiation.

Ostec cooperates with coal and energy producers and know how to respond to the challenge pertaining to high levels of ash and change in coal humidity resulting in a reduction in energy value of the product because losses in energy value give rise to claims of customers. Maintaining these parameters within given levels requires additional and considerable production costs.

Due to continuous monitoring of the content of coal components, such as ash, humidity, volatile matters, etc. you are able to manage the quality of products on a real-time basis:

  • to exercise control over the quality of coal ores for sorting out of spec materials capable of reducing heating value, increasing ash content that could result in penalties;

  • to classify high-quality coal with minimal content of impurities (ash) for production of high-rank coal;

  • to establish stocks with high accuracy and predefined quality of coal for control of its proper blending during wet coal cleaning and for optimal dosing of magnetite;

  • to exercise control over the quality of coal on a real-time basis during loading onto vehicles for the purpose of refusing poor quality lots and preventing customers’ claims.

LIOS OnLine analyzer will allow you to:

  • enhance the effectiveness and improve stability of production processes;
  • lower production costs of commercially useless materials removing them prior to further processing;
  • reduce losses in feedstock;
  • reduce operational costs thanks to savings in electrical energy, water and reagents due to identification of process problems at early stages;
  • provide your clients with quality products meeting all the requirements.

Based on feedback from our customers the typical payback period of LIOS OnLine is 3-9 months only.

LIOS OnLine analyzers are designed for automatic operation under industrial conditions of 24/7/365. Their reliability has been proved within a few years of production of various types of ores and minerals, including refractories, fertilizers, metals and economic minerals.

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