AFM probes ETALON series

Ostec brand new technology combines all critical advantages in one chip:

• Sharp tip (curvature radius <10 nm)
• Resonance frequency with high accuracy (±10%)
• Special chip geometry for convenient operation
• High aspect ratio tip
• Enhanced cantilever back-side reflection

ETALON Series probes have two polysilicon levers with a pedestal and monocrystal silicon tips.
Precision technology of polysilicon deposition guarantees the lever thickness control. Special frequency stabilizer is designed to make the resonant frequency and force constant dispersion smaller (due to the lever length control). Therefore ETALON probes are characterized by higher reproducible parameters:

• Typical lever thickness dispersion: ±0.15 μm
• Typical lever length dispersion: ±2 μm
• Typical probe resonant frequency dispersion: ±10%
• Typical force constant dispersion: ±20%

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