Bulk microstructure and local elastic properties of carbon nanocomposites  studied by Impulse Acoustic Microscopy technique

It was shown the impulse acoustic microscopy is a powerful technique for studying the internal microstructure and local elastic measuring in the bulk of nanocomposite materials.

It was the first time when the occurrence of complicated fractal mesostructure in the bulk of nanocomposites has been shown.

The efficient agglomeration of carbon nanofiller in the bulk of carbon nanocomposites has been demonstrated for 2D carbon nanoforms.

Local elastic measurements demonstrated sufficient elastic homogeneity of carbon nanocomposites despite the occurrence of bulk mesostructure.

Ultrasonic elastic measurements demonstrate the minimal influence of nanofiller on the elasticity of carbon nanocomposites for a wide spectrum of carbon nanoforms being used as nanofiller – from exfoliated graphite up to carbon nanotubes and thick graphene stacks.

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