RAMOS E/M Series

3D scanning laser Raman microscopes provide rapid, high sensitivity analysis and unprecedented convenience in use

RAMOS E/M Series Raman spectrometers are designed on the basis of research grade optical microscopes allowing the realization of the following light microscopy methods:

  • Raman measurements
  • Transmitted light 
  • Reflected light (bright field and dark field illumination)
  • Confocal microscopy
  • Fluorescence measurements
  • Polarization contrast and phase contrast imaging
  • Differential interference contrast


The innovative approach to system design of Raman spectrometers ensures extremely high temperature and temporal stability of spectral measurements.

All components of RAMOS E200 system are fully integrated within an optical microscope providing compactness and mobility of the system.

In RAMOS M350, M520, M750 systems external imaging spectrographs are connected via optical fibers.

Raman measurements with the RAMOS E/M Series systems can be started in several minutes by turning a system key.


1. High resolution colour video camera for a sample observation
2. Optical microscope
3. Raman optical module
4. Automated 3–position turret with mirrors for input / output radiation
5. Confocal laser microscope module (“Reflection” module)
6. Two-channel imaging spectrometer
7. XY galvano mirror scanner
8. Z piezo scаnner
9. Automated microscope stage

Confocal Raman microscope with scanning speed of 1000 x 1000 pixels within total acquisition time of 3 sec


Fast raster and start-stop scanner operational modes

Spatial resolution of confocal images (100x, NA = 0.95)

 Laser wavelength, nm   

 XY - plane resolution, nm   Z (axial) resolution, nm 
473 390 550
532 440 620
633 520 730
785 650 910

Simultaneous 2D / 3D laser confocal and Raman imaging with full spectra saving in each point


Confocal imaging of deep sample layers 


Ultra-fast scanning with Galvano-mirrors 

High-performance optics ensures super system sensitivity and high signal-to-noise ratio (S/N ratio)


Wide spectral range, ultimate accuracy of Raman shift  measurements, high spectral resolution


Fast system configuration changing (lasers and filters switching) without additional system alignment 


Extremely sensitive detectors for Raman signal registration

  • Spectral CCD camera provides outstanding performance due to the increased number of pixels (the number of pixels is 2048) and the smaller pixel pitches (12 x 12 μm) 
  • Photodetector quantum efficiency is up to 95%. Low dark signal level due to two-stage thermoelectric sensor cooling
  • Detectors operating internal memory with the capacity of up to 128 MB
  • High-speed Ethernet interface for data transfer


The system may be completed with the following options: 

  • Automated XY stage for an ultra wide field of scanning
  • High temperature and vacuum cells
  • Cryostat
  • Remote fiber probe


High-precision spectrometer calibration

RAMOS E/M Series spectrometers can be optionally equipped with a neon lamp for high-accuracy spectral calibration



Compact confocal Raman microscope RAMOS M350 is intended for various spectral measurements with submicrometer scale image resolution. The device features high throughput and a high spectral resolution.



Confocal Raman microscope RAMOS M520 with high-end class capabilities is applicable for spectral measurements with sub micrometer scale image resolution. The device possesses all features of M350 but ensures the enhanced spectral resolution



Confocal Raman microscope RAMOS M750 is perfect for spectral measurements with the extremely high spectral resolution. Up to two detectors can be used simultaneously in the above three system models.

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