IROS 05i is a special FTIR spectrometer designed for work in harsh conditions. This model allows to solve a wide range of industrial problems, including process control, with the possibility of on-line (in-situ) monitoring of industrial processes (in reactors or pipelines) both for laboratories and industry facilities.


  • Completely tight metal case

  • Ports for connecting an external cooler and purging with inert gases to protect and stabilize the optical unit in difficult environmental conditions

  • Module for connecting fiber optic probes (up to two simultaneously)

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Main Advantages

  • The ability to connect two probes, allows to work with the device in two-channel mode, monitoring simultaneously the processes taking place in two different reaction environments

  • The control software allows you to set flexible routines with continuous analysis and evaluation of the data obtained in real time

  • A wide range of probes designed for use in corrosive environments, at high pressures and temperatures, among others

  • The ability to install a high-sensitivity MCT detector with thermoelectric cooling will allow the device to be used where there is no possibility to use liquid nitrogen for cooling



Spectral range

5 700 – 470 cm-1 with ZnSe beam splitter and pyroelectric detector;

7 900 – 350 cm-1 with KBr beam splitter, photodetector window, and pyroelectric detector;

8 500 – 470 cm-1 with DLaTGS detector;

6 000 – 600 cm-1 with MCT detector

Beam splitter

ZnSe, Diamond, KBr


Double Cat’s Eye


MG-32M, DLaTGS, Si, InGaAs, MCT LN2 or TE cooling, LiTaO3

Light source


Spectral resolution

0.4 cm-1

Signal-to-noise ratio

≥ 50 000 RMS

(range 2 200 – 2 000 cm-1, per 1 min, resolution 4 cm-1)
Integrated ATR


Sealed housing


SMA connectors for connecting fiber optic probes



25 kg

Dimensions of main unit

410 × 200 × 410 mm

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