Perspective solutions for AFM probes

Further development of the polysilicon technology in the field of AFM probes:
• tip-to-base ratio reduction
• base diameter reduction
• ultra-long tips production
• new ultra-sharp AFM probes line production
• different coating materials combining

Ostec has the following metal targets:
Ni, Со, Мо, Сг, V, Pt, Au, Аl, Сu, Та, Re, Fe, С, Ag, W, Ti- In2O3, SiO2, BeO, W2C
Alloy targets:
NiFe (80/20), CoCr (50/50), FeCo (50/50), AlSi
Composite targets:
Me-C, Me-Au-Ag, Me-Pt, Me-Cr, etc.

Ostec offers unique and ambitious solutions in the field of TERS AFM probes:
• construction of nanoantennas for effective plasmon excitation
• modification of the antenna cross section
• implementation of periodic resonant structures with variable periods
• variable tilt angle for enhanced plasmon excitation

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