September 4, 2020

Korea Lab 2020

The Korea Lab 2020 International Analytical Laboratory Equipment Exhibition was held from July 27 to 30, 2020 in Seoul, South Korea and was part of the ICPI Week 2020 showcase.

It is Korea's largest international exhibition for laboratory and analytical equipment, and so for biotechnology and serves as a meeting platform for scientists and researchers from various fields of physics, chemistry and biotechnology. The event gathered more than 29,000 visitors, who were presented with modern solutions from leading manufacturers of analytical equipment.

This year, for the first time, Ostec-ArtTool equipment was presented at this site thanks to the support of our Korean partners - BK Instruments Inc., who paid special attention to the demonstration of the FTIR IROS 05 spectrometer and an innovative product of Ostec-ArtTool - the RAMOS S120 Raman confocal microscope.

Korea Lab 2020 provided an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the modern FTIR IROS 05 spectrometer with the patented interferometer technology named “Double CAT EYE”, which provided reliable and accurate results when analyzing samples of visitors who also left positive feedback about the ergonomics of the instrument design - after all, well-located buttons for quick start measurements are located directly on the front cover of the system, which eliminates the need for constant use of a computer or laptop to conduct sample studies.

Within the framework of the exhibition, applied interest from visitors to the new RAMOS S120 compact confocal Raman microscope. Visitors noted its excellent characteristics, comparable to the capabilities of serious research systems of high-end class. Due to the confocal scheme and high transmittance, the microscope achieves submicron resolution, and a unique design approach allows fully automated change of lasers and gratings without additional alignment. It is worth noting the wide range and extremely high sensitivity of the detector achieved thanks to the innovative sCMOS technology.

A number of visitors continued their acquaintance with the RAMOS S120 system at a series of seminars organized by BK Instruments on the basis of them demonstration laboratory. For the participants, prototypes were tested and reports on the tests carried out were prepared. According to the positive feedback from the participants of the seminars, Ostec-ArtTool and BK Instruments rightly consider the events held as successful and expect further fruitful cooperation.