September 22, 2020

Ostec-ArtTool has successfully completed a significant engineering project for the Chevron energy corporation.

We are glad to share the news about the implementation of another Ostec-ArtTool team’s significant
engineering project.

The company has received the request and later an order from the Chevron energy corporation’s research center to develop an IR Fourier Spectrometer for controlling the chemical reaction in the on-line process.The Ostec ArtTool’s engineering team has implemented developing the industrial version on the basis of the standard air based FTIR spectrometer IROS 05. To transform the research device into an industrial unit it was necessary to develop a sealed device case filled with dry nitrogen under extra pressure, to select and replace a typical IR detector with an MCT detector with Peltier cooling, to develop a cooling system and temperature stabilization for ensure the lowest possible noise level inside the device, as well as specialized software for obtaining data and its subsequent processing.

For the work done, a well-deserved portion of gratitude was received from the Customer.