IROS 05 combined with wide-range IR microscope IR M series

IROS 05 fibers_microscope.png    

The combination of IROS 05 and IR wide-range microscope IR M2/M3 allows studying samples with size from 5 μm, including those with inhomogeneous composition. It is possible to observe the investigated object with magnification over 200X both in binoculars and on the monitor with a digital video camera. Diaphragms allow selecting a local area of arbitrary shape, as well as scanning the sample surface, recording the spectrum in real-time.


  • Simultaneous spectrum registration and sample observation with a built-in video camera

  • Specular reflection and micro ATR modes with mapping

  • IR spectra registration without sample preparation

  • Minimal linear sample size 5 – 10 µm

IROS 05 with ATR probes

An important feature of IROS 05 is the possibility to connect fiber optic probes via SMA port (adapter) to perform sampling-free measurements and chemical reaction monitoring in-situ in real-time.

Top-quality fiber optic immersion probes are suitable for laboratory use as well as for industrial reactors. The use of probes ensures accurate monitoring of the reaction and analysis of chemical processes to increase the yield and reduce the costs.

Fiber optic ATR probes can be equipped with various sensitive tips:

  • Diamond
  • ZnSe
  • Si
  • ZrO2
IROS 05 fibers.png


  • Unique efficiency in the near and mid-infrared spectrum

  • ATR probe tips without dead zones

  • Extraordinary reliability for industrial applications in harsh environments up to 250 °C and pressure 200 Bar

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