Multi-purpose ATR/SDR module

The module is designed to measure the spectra of microobjects by the method of attenuated total reflection (ATR) with simultaneous visualization on the built-in and external monitor, as well as by the method of specular-diffuse reflection (SDR) with a drop angle of 45° at the upper location of the sample.


Main advantages

  • Preliminary sample preparation is not needed for most cases

  • Built-in video camera allows to register spectrum and observe sample (with video capturing) simultaneously

  • Spectra registration both in ATR mode and in specular/diffuse reflection mode

  • Diamond, ZnSe, and Ge prisms. Quick ATR prism replacing by the operator

  • Quick operating mode changing

  • Sample types: liquids of any viscosity grade (solutions, suspensions, oils), powders, polymer films, fibers, solid and elastic samples up to 0.25 mm2 (paint and varnish coatings fragments, polymer particles)


Transmission in operating spectral range, % of input signal


Spectrum registration time at 25 scans (4 cm-1 resolution), sec


Radiation penetration into sample, µm

5 - 15

Minimum solid sample sizes, mm

0.5 × 0.5

Minimum volume of the sample liquid, μl




Focus spot diameter, mm


Angle of incidence (center beam) of radiation on the sample in SDR mode


Micro lens zoom / total visual channel zoom

4Х / 75Х

Optical system field of view, mm

1 × 2

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