Specular reflection module with 45º beam angle

The module is designed for express analysis of various types of solid objects, including powders, ready-made drugs in the form of tablets, polymeric fragments, paint coatings, paste-like samples.

The main advantage of the module is the ability to obtain well-defined spectra of microobjects after giving them the shape of a thin layer on polished mirror-like metal plates (in the so-called double pass mode, when the radiation penetrates twice through the layer of substance, reflected from the mirror substrate).

The visual control system with built-in video camera significantly simplifies adjustment and increases the reliability of the results.

The module also allows recording the reflection spectra of bulk samples and solid objects of arbitrary geometry in the native form.

diff-mirror-down object45.jpg

Main advantages

  • Sample horizontal installation
  • Built-in visualization system

  • Sample dimensions from 2 to 30 mm

  • Liquid samples analysis

  • Condenser optics

  • Arbitrary form of samples

  • Simple sample preparation

Sample types

  • Powders and granules

  • Liquid and pasty samples

  • Solid samples with arbitrary shape (gemstones, optical parts, semiconductor materials)

  • Polymer films and solid polymers

Main characteristics

  • Input light transmission (in operating spectral range) ≥40%
  • IR focusing spot diameter 3 mm
  • Angle of incidence on sample (for central beam) 45°
  • Max. solid sample plane dimensions 30 x 30 mm
  • Max. solid sample height 13 mm

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