Multiple ATR module

The module is designed for express analysis of various types of solid and liquid samples, including polymer particles, films and fibers, powdery substances, fragments of coatings, fuels and lubricants.

Optical control system of the investigated surface with 75X magnification provides high efficiency when working with small samples - fragments of thin fibers, micro-particles, etc.

The universal clamp is equipped with a precision lever mechanism for fast tip lowering and a micrometer screw for pre-setting the optimum pressure level - this ensures fast sample changes and repeatable measurement results.

For easy handling of liquid and paste samples, as well as in specular-diffuse reflection (SDR) mode, a 180° rotation of the clamping console is available.

The attachment is equipped with two interchangeable tips - with a spherical working part and a flat swivel head.

A replaceable sample stage is used to register the spectra in SDR mode. The sample is placed on the object plane of the investigated surface downwards, the angle of incidence of the central beam on the sample is 45°. The method is used to determine the spectral characteristics of optical parts, crystals, thin films on the surface, as well as to register the absorption spectra of large solid objects.


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