DMO160 is a high-aperture double monochromator with dispersion subtraction. It is an instrument with F-number of 3.5 and input focal length of 160 mm.

The wavelength tuning is motorized and controlled by PC via RS-232 interface.

The monochromator uses the optical schematic with as few as four optical components and an intermediate slit ensuring low stray light and high aperture ratio. The concave diffraction gratings with a variable lines density allow astigmatism compensation in the DMO160 double monochromator.


Optical system

 Optical scheme

Original, with dispersion subtraction



 Focal length (output)

160 mm

 Stray light (using halogen lamp with   
 350 nm cut-off  filter)    

< 0.01%

 Stray light (20 nm from laser line)


Spectral slits


manually operated


4 fixed positions

 Entrance and intermediate

0.22; 0.54; 1.1; 1.6 mm


0.44; 1.08; 2.2; 3.2 mm


6 mm


 Reciprocal linear dispersion for the first monochromator
(wavelength 546 nm)

5.2 nm/mm

 Spectral resolution (width of the entrance and intermediate slits 0.22 mm)

1.3 nm


± 0.1 nm

 Wavelength accuracy

± 0.25 nm

 Average scanning step

0.025 nm

Dimensions, power requirements

 Overall sizes (LхWхH)

419 х 140 х 175 mm


8 kg

 Electric requirements

100 - 230 V, 50/60 Hz

 Power consumption

20 W

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