RAMOS S120. Dual-channel automated Raman confocal microscope

RAMOS S120 квадратный прозрачный.png

RAMOS S120 compact dual-channel confocal Raman microscope is designed for micro spectral measurements with capabilities at the level of high-end systems.

RAMOS S120 microscope has a rigid, moving parts-free design that requires no adjustments, has both high sensitivity and high spatial resolution, and can be equipped with two single-mode lasers simultaneously, 488/633 nm or 532/785 nm.

Wide possibilities, high reliability, and compactness allow using RAMOS S120 for solving a wide range of scientific and industrial applications.

 RAMOS S120 laser shield 

Main features

  • Research level optical microscope with the advanced measurement techniques
  • Submicron resolution due to confocal design
  • One or two integrated single-mode lasers
  • Fully automated change of lasers/gratings without additional system alignment
  • No moving parts in the spectrometer except laser shutters
  • Compact
  • Automatic adjustment of laser radiation power level
  • Wide dynamic range and extremely high sensitivity of innovative sCMOS detector
  • Ability to connect fiber optic Raman probes
  • Edge or Notch Filters for Stokes and Anti-Stokes Spectroscopy
  • Ultra-Low Frequency Raman (THz-Raman) from 10 cm-1
  • HD video camera
  • Automatic switching between Raman, optical and combined Raman-optical modes
  • Raman mapping with motorized sample stage
  • Laser safety Class 3B (Class 1 optional)
  • The most affordable price in the Research Class segment of instruments

Spectral sensitivity

Si 3-rd order Raman peak

Ultra-low frequency Raman spectroscopy

Spectrum of CdI2 with Bragg filters

Spectrum of CdI2 with Bragg filters

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